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Who are you? 
Someone who loves you. 

#classics are classics for a reason and it will never cease to astound me #that george lucas managed to craft a romance with such complexity and charm and vigor on the side of both parties - girl and boy #in ways that modern scifi and action blockbusters seem completely incapable #she’s an ice princess with the fire of revolution in her belly and he’s a grumpy reluctant rebel charmed into the fight by camaraderie #it’s not about romance love - that’s incidental - it’s about Love capital L rebel revolution Love #:)))))))))))

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10 Japanese Travel Tips for Visiting America

Advice the Japanese give their own countrymen on how to handle the peculiarities of American culture.

Gosh, it’s always so discomfiting to see ourselves as others see us.

How is this discomforting? Most of these are just pointing out cultural differences and are actually saying POSITIVE things about American culture.

I like what a lot of it said. It’s nice to hear something about Americans that doesn’t make us all sound purely fat and lazy. I would also like to point out that they make a point about the vending machines. We need cooler vending machines…

This is actually really fascinating!!

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